On the air since 1975, the Northern Broadcasting System delivers nearly 200 radio programs each week via satellite to listeners in nine states and Canada.

The Northern Ag Network provides hourly farm news and market reports, weather programs and special features. In addition, the Northern Ag Network produces two daily Ag Television programs each morning, which are seen on nine of Montana’s premier television stations.

Meanwhile, the Northern News Network provides Montana state news programs eight times daily to Montana radio stations, along with Montana sports, weather, legislative reports and an hour-long daily statewide talk show focusing on Montana issues and events. In addition to news programming, the Northern News Network delivers daily state sports shows, rodeo, gardening and outdoor programming.

Nationally-recognized broadcasters, award-winning programming and documented listener loyalty unlike anything else in the industry have made this Northern Broadcasting Network the primary marketing tool of dozens of successful businesses across the West.

When it comes to developing strong customer relationships with exactly the target audience you most need to reach, the Northern Broadcasting System has quietly rewritten the book on marketing excellence!


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